A WayStation is many things, at its simplest it is a stopping point along a journey. We invite you to include Nemeton as a stop along your travels. Come rest, learn, play and be rejuvenated.

Nemeton attracts people from all over the world, from van dwellers to artists, musicians, homesteaders, city folk and country alike. What attracts them is the simple back to roots common unity that this mountain embodies.

If you are interested in a visit, please fill out the Nemeton Visitors Form.

There are many opportunities offered here at Nemeton. If you wish, you may stop by for a cup of tea and relax for a couple hours in the peace and serenity of the mountain, depending on the day and it’s activities, you might also have the pleasure of one of the mountain stewards company whilst you enjoy your reprieve. Chat with them, invite them to share, many surprises await!

You may wish for a longer stay (2 days – 2weeks) this enters you into the realm of the Travelers Waystation. In this respect we can ‘often’ host your stay in one of the following ways:

  • Rustic Shelters in the woods. (Being built April/May 2017)
  • Parking space for 1-2 vans or RV’s for those of the nomadic lifestyle.
  • Disperse camping is available in a lovely wooded area.

Land Amenities:

  • Outdoor shower May-Oct.
  • Fresh Water at the well.

You may also choose to come up and join in our daily activities whilst we tend the mountain and it’s offerings of sustainable.