Community Hub

Welcome to the community hub of services, offerings and communities connected to or through Nemeton.

Events & Experiences held @ Nemeton

  • Nemeton Community Garden (NCG): Contact: Brandon Thomas
  • RealityFree Wednesdays: Every Wed (May-Oct) 6pm-10pm
  • Woman’s MoonLodge in Southern Teir, NY. Join the Facebook Group
  • Smashing Lodge: Smashing therapy sessions & NVC
  • Body Transformation Work/Weekend (BTW)
  • Natural Sacred Space Creation Experiences
  • Herb Courses offered by Mountain Woman Medicine
  • Outdoor Body Suspension (by Anchors Aweight)
  • Making your own Gas Digester Class. (With Dan Sheridan, coming in 2019)

Other events & experiences offered in the larger community.

  • The Purposefully Ridiculous Network! Spread Joy! It’s their mission!
  • SacredEdge Work (SEW): Community Contact: Raine Ford at to learn more.
  • PermaJAM Their purpose is to integrate lifestyles of permaculture, artistic expression and healing though interactive and family friendly events.

Services offered:

  • Psychic Sojourns. Got a question? Brandon’s got answers. Visit his Facebook Page to book an appointment.
  • Mountain Woman Medicine. Herbal medicine & allies, insights, human cartography. Contact Raine at
  • Mountain Man Herbs. Teas, oils and supplements.


Tiny Steward Home: GoFundMe in process. To support this project click here.

Greenhouse: (update) 12×20 greenhouse acquired !!! (Thanks Dan Sheridan!) Winter project, skin the greenhouse frame in-between snow bursts. 😂