Mountain Etiquette

We warmly welcome you to visit The Mountain and honor the spirit that has drawn you here. All those who visit The Mountain are requested to fill out the Visitors Form, acknowledging their Understanding & and Acceptance of the following….

You are entering a realm where many realities are present and honored. As such there is a developed “code” or expected behavior for all that come to The Mountain. This is designed to support SafeSpace for all. Hermits, community and visitors alike.

To better serve that mission and in full transparency we ask you to mind the following.

• Notify & Confirm with Land Steward prior to all arrivals, unless specific arrangements have been made.

• Hours of operation: Outside of scheduled Events that may go longer, Quiet hours on Nemeton are 11pm-8am (no visitors during this time without prior arrangement)

• Check in with Steward prior to bringing potentially volatile emotions, relationships, tools of power and animals to be processed, ect. While all these things are honored and respected, they have their own place and time of significance. If at all possible, notify and confirm in advance.

• No pets/animals on the land without prior discussion.

• Children: children are welcome at many events, please check in first. If while here, your children become too disruptive, please connect with them, and help to redirect or engage them in healthy involvement. Children want to be a part of their larger community and we encourage and support this. Also, If you can not mind your child, do not bring them. Clean up after them, if less then 6 y/o keep them in sight at all times. This is a working farm and as such comes with inherent dangers. You accept this risk in bringing them here.

• Talking: this is a place where deep discussion often happens. It’s also a space where silence is precious and we often ‘shut up and go about our business’, or we embrace the silence in a moment and breathe in the sounds of The Mountain. If we are in one of those times and you want to talk, ask the person you wish to speak to to step to a different space so the energy is not disturbed. If the person doesn’t want to go talk with you, respect it.

• No Stalking the Hermits: some folks here often need space away from the action. If you see someone walking away, respect their right to their own space.

• Footwear: all indoor spaces have the simple rule of “leave your outdoor foot gear at the door”. This greatly assists with cleanliness and also offers a pause when entering a space to allow collection of one’s Self and a moment to become aware of the energy of the space they are entering. (it is also advised that you DO wear footwear outside, this is a functioning farm and is in various states of construction. Be responsible for the health of your own feet.

• Shared food means shared dishes, help out with clean up and bring food contributions to shared meals or leave a donation to assist with restock.

• Our meal schedule consists of one main shared meal at the end of the day and snacks/simple meals throughout the day as the individual needs require.

• While there is never a charge to visit The Mountain, we encourage and deeply appreciate donations, assistance and support at every event. Please consider ways that you can support these efforts.

• Toileting: we do have an indoor commode, though we encourage using nature’s facilities appropriately. Ask if you have need to use indoor facilities.

• This is a Leave No Trace land. “Pack in / pack out” mountain. Take with you what you bring in with you, this includes your garbage & recycling. (Art, constructions and permanent additions to the land are by pre-arrangement.)

• Co-creativity and spontaneous creativity are encouraged! You may ask to add (not remove) to an already existing altar or discuss with stewards where is a good place to begin creating a new one.

• Respect is defined differently by everyone. In order to have the respect that you want you have to let them others what respect looks like for you. Respect for us, looks like asking before you pick up something that isn’t yours. Asking before putting anything in the fire, asking before picking something from the garden (unless you’ve already been given permission), don’t pick up a flute or a guitar without asking. Rule of thumb, ask, Ask ASK!

• Drums and musical instruments: all are welcomed & encouraged. We LOVE ‘music as medicine’ on this mountain. (Please play with awareness and respect, ask if you have questions as to what that means). Many instruments are shareable, Ask before playing an instrument that’s not yours. You are also encourage to bring your own. No hand drums after 10pm out of respect for our neighbors.

• Smoking: pocket your butts or through them into a fire pit. Be mindful that not all folks are ok around smoke. Please step to the edge of whatever space you are in if in a group setting. .

• Drugs: we are a predominately a “drug free space”. While certain sorts of plant based “teachers” are used in certain instances, all other uses are best utilized elsewhere. Don’t bring it here. Don’t use it here. Don’t come here riding high on it.

• Alcohol: if you are intoxicated you will not be allowed to drive of your own accord. Plan accordingly. Crash space can be provided best with pre-notice. (Don’t make us take your keys.

We Will, if you act irresponsibly.)

• Sexual advances: if a person you are interested in is not expressing a direct and open YES do not continue to make advances. Respect their Yes’s and their No’s. Anything other than a YES is a NO. This will be enforced. If someone is pushing you in an uncomfortable way, please let a Steward know.

•Conflict resolution: Is handled on a case-by-case basis. Listening in Heart Space, utilizing NVC, while holding SafeSpace and the highest interest for the good of the community as a balance.


To be fully transparent…

You can be banned for a period of time from coming back to The Mountain, for directly and repeatedly violating these codes of conduct. This is private land. This extreme action does not come without warning and is never personal. If you have questions as to how this process works, you are invited to have a conversation with one of the Land Stewards.

It is Behaviors that are unacceptable. Not the people themselves.

AND also…

Behavior that is cherished, Evolves.