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Choose Your Adventure: Welcome to Nemeton

Nemeton. A Mountain Sanctuary, of healing and gratitude. You had heard rumors of this magical place for many years, but never imagined that you would finally be able to make the pilgrimage. In snow and sleet none the less, but who turns down this kind of invitation.

Mountain folk rarely come off the mountain, for they are busy tending the Groves; living and sharing in the Harmony with the world around them.  So to glimpse into the reality of such a mysterious and fantastical people is considered an honor as well as a little crazy.

You slowly walk your way up the mountain trail and it seems like an effort to just put one foot in front of the other in this snow. Is gravity different here or is the trek just finally catching up with you?

Other small tracks litter the snowy ground. Deer, racoon, rabbit, and what seems to be the tracks of a large canine. Hmmm…. Dire wolves were once known in these parts, and your mind begins to race with worst case scenarios.

Ahead you see a  small clearing, and in it a tiny home covered in snow. At your feet you notice a ragged, frozen, and chewed up tennis ball. The snow makes everything quiet and out of nowhere a downpour of giant snowflakes begins to fall.

The tiny home disappears in a downpour of snow and you hear what sounds like trotting in the snow. You hear someone yell in the distance, “MOOOOSE!”

Ahead of you, you see something large and black charging through the snow, but can’t quite make out what it is. Could it be a moose charge of some kind? Do moose even exist here on this mountain? Were those moose tracks and not deer? What do you do?

A. Pick up the nasty, frozen, drool covered tennis ball as your only defense and stand your ground!

B. Notice the super nasty, chewed up, frozen, and drool covered tennis ball. In disgust and fear you say “sod it!”, and run back down the mountain!

C. You take a deep breath, calmly pick up the frozen drool covered tennis ball and wait with childlike wonder with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart. (Ok. Ok.. A little bit of fear too, but hey, that’s exciting! Oh.. And that ball is really nasty!..)



March 17, 2018

Starting seeds

There may be a foot of snow outside, but that didn’t stop our first community garden meeting! Lured in with a box of Cinnabons and hot coffee five of us gathered in a cozy home on a cold mountain, and talked about the vision of the garden and the parts we would play in that manifestation. Everything from raising money for the garden, favorite veggies, resources for manure, soil, hay, and “ Who has a trailer we can borrow?” “ Oooh..or tractor?”

We also brought in our first meeting on the New Moon, which is the perfect time to start seeds. Starting our broccoli now is perfect since its a cold weather crop and can be planted earlier than others. Other seeds will be started in a couple weeks and on and on into the year. We’re excited so be growing so much and even more excited to be sharing this journey with you!

Besides a beautiful garden one thing is certain. Nemeton’s community is growing and that is EXCITING! We invite you to watch as We grow and learn. Work and play. Plant and harvest. If you want to participate in some way we would love to hear from you.

If you are in this area come join us for an event on the calendar or schedule a consultation from the mountain. Check out our Little Shop of Curiosities with all its magic and splendor.

From all of us on the mountain and in the garden. Sending lots of Spring Energy your way!


Nemeton Community Garden

(If you’d like to be apart of this awesome journey, complete this brief survey. )

All call for Nemeton Community Garden!

Who’s excited for spring?? Moose sure thinks it’s time for summer already! Layin under the tree chewing his ball… “look mum it’s already comfy!” Well we’re excited too! No matter what this year holds we plan to have an abundance of food!

If you’d like to be apart of the Nemeton Community Garden or would simply like to be kept up to date and assist where you can, please fill out this brief survey and you will be added to the community group on FB, where info on meetings/workdays and events (not available to the public) will be available.

Our first garden planning meeting will take place in the middle of March! We look forward to seeing you there!)

Tree & Shrub Sale!

This year we will be ordering from the Tioga County Soil & Water Tree Sale! Mostly fruit bearing trees are what we planning to bring to the land. But we don’t necessarily need 10 of each!!

Anyone want to go in on an order of: (In parentheses is the number of trees/shrugs that Nemeton wants)

  • Forsythia bushes (6)
  • Elderberry shrubs (4)
  • Apple trees (2)
  • Butterfly bushes (3)
  • Blueberry bushes (4)
  • Walnut trees (2)

Click on the link to view tree list and pricing. (Additional orders Tioga County Soil & Water Tree Sale

(Order to be placed by March 20th.)

Comment below what you’d like, each sell in batches… we are looking to go in on a batch of the above with folks, cause we only want the number that’s listed next to the items and most sell in batches of 10. Additional orders are acceptable too!! Just need monies prior to ordering on the 20th.

Pick up of plants will be on or after April 20th, at Nemeton.

Culvert / Permits / Land Clearing

Its been an amazing week at Nemeton.
Monday: I discovered that NYSEG requires that building permit and septic be in place prior to electrical line hook up. This is a bit of a bummer… may have to petition this. I’d rather not have to purchase a generator at the moment, nor is working strictly with hand tools a wise way to spend the little time I have.
Wed: My lovely “upstairs” neighbor, brush hogged the 175×200 clearing and the 30 foot of double walled culvert piping that I had ordered, arrived and is now in place. This coming Tuesday a load of gravel will be dumped on it, beginning the first stages of creating a driveway in order to get equipment on to the property. That is also when the slice cut test that is needed for septic plans to be drawn up will be done.

Thur & Fri: Obtained the building permit for the sheds from Tioga County Code Enforcement, scavenged for building materials and tools*… and more truck repairs just to balance it out.

Most days throughout the week were sprinkled with working on the streams, protecting the side walls from further soil erosion, removing debris and clearing the lovely rose hip thorns from the beautiful views. Certain species of willow (Salix) will be planted along the stream banks this summer, to help prevent further soil erosion as well as to help to dry out some serious wet spots in the cleared area.

*Scavenging for materials and tools, both recycled and / or considered trash. (One man’s trash can be another’s treasure, when looked at in a different light) So far I have found and put on the land:

Various small tools
Rubber roofing materials (rubber, wash/adhesive, disks/screws) – for sod roofing
Wheel barrow
Wide saw horse
Buckets of nails and screws – various lengths, threads and composition
Metal post pounder
Pick axe and handheld stone pick
Lumber of various dimensions
4×8 new wood pallet (beginnings of pallet wood shed for tools and materials during building)
4 3×3 rubber floor mats (slated to be the liner for the creek supplied and fire fed hot tub)

Rainy But Productive Day

The rain just kept coming today… My best friend has been a wool brimmed hat and leather – to stay warm and keep the rain off. The best news today is that my truck is finally alive again! A bad ground wire that needed a good deal of tracing in order to locate, has been repaired and He now lives! =) Working on making / finding a truck rack, as this will come in handy when trying to move long things – for instance – a 20 foot plastic culvert pipe… for my driveway. I should be able to make one fairly easy out of scrap wood – the durability is much less then metal of course, but it would be free for me, minus the time invested. Looking for a 15” diameter, 20’ long, plastic, double wall (smooth inside, corrugated outside) to lay in the existing ditch that runs along side the private driveway leading up to the land, so I can lay in stone to create a driveway that leads to the house – so excavators, dump trucks, ect can get in. This is the first thing that has to be done – the only access is my own 2 feet.

I have decided that with every trip I make with my truck to remove something from my current residence, I will be lining up pick-ups of “useful materials” (aka scavenging) for use with building. This way I can make the most use of the gas that my truck likes to guzzle.
Tonight I am trying to design a pallet wood barn/shed 12×12 (less then 144 sq ft and no building permit is needed – I’m sure I can shave off an inch somewhere 😉
My goal is create a place for storing equipment and supplies during construction. There will be no room in my “little house” for all of that stuff and me. Under cover is all I am really concerned about at this point… though I’d really like to have it last more than just during construction. Sooo… I’m off to the planning board.

First Glorious Day in March!

Today was simply amazing.  It was a balmy 64 degrees with full sun; I even got a hint of sunburn.  I spent the day dismantling the gardens and chicken run at my current residence, in preparation for the move to Nemeton – in about 7 weeks… if all goes according to plan.  Driveway, Septic, Well, Electric and Sheds.

I spoke with an Architect who specializes in green building, by the name of Laura Lee Intscher of Secret Base Design. , She will be working with me to design a house that will be energy efficient and composed of natural and recycled materials where possible.  She draws the plans  to meet both my needs and building code requirements.  Takes a lot of the guess work and headache out of the equation.

Today I visited with a knowledgeable, down to earth, friendly gentleman by the name of Glenn Wanck, on site, who does excavating and septic install.   I will be getting a slice cut test done in the middle of next week to determine soil composition, and bedrock depth so a septic design and permit can be drawn up by the Tioga County Sanitation Department.

Tomorrow I meet with Dick Swartz and company, to determine location and needs for placing the sheds on the land.  As well as getting my truck fixed so I can start doing scavenging for recycled/reclaimed building supplies.

My goal this week is to locate and have onsite a culvert pipe, 20 foot in length, 12-15 in diameter, double wall (smooth inside, corrugated outside) for beneath the driveway, which will be ‘installed’ by companies looking to get rid of clean fill from various excavation projects.

After a long day of physical work, mental planning and verbal communication / planning I’m rather knackered.  But a long HOT bath with sea salts and herbs took care of most my aches and pains.  Now I’m off for an early night of sleep to begin again bright and early on the morrow.