Healers Sanctuary

Healers Sanctuary

We believe in the importance of empowered SelfCare, with holistic medicines and modern practices, for it is a balance with both the past and present that will lead us to future growth. We also Support the needs of healers in the ways of learning, the need for retreat & self nourishment, soul feeding & purifying.

Come visit us on The Mountain, take part in our daily routines of Mountain. Tending. Clear your mind with walks through the trails and places of Honoring. Share a spot around a fire in the evening and lighten your heart’s load. Schedule a session with one of our Mountain Folk to gain deeper insight into your Paths Alignment and your Soul’s Nourishment needs.

Black Panther Medical:

A Mobile unit where we build and hold Sanctuary & Emergency Holistic Medical Space for events and gatherings. Offering empowering teachings in SelfCare and hands-on care, bringing our own medicines, emergency medical experience, organization and operations team skills to Your event or gathering. Contact us for more Info & discussion around Equal Exchange.

Touchstones& Pillars

Pillars is a group of trained and connected folks dedicated to providing and holding SafeSpace as a resource for the community to turn to when they see conflict occurring. They create protocol and accountability around crisis intervention triage that is specific for their tribe, event or site.

Touchstones is what the Pillars are known as within the communities at events. Providing in pairs: Saftey, sanctuary, offering mediation and physical/mental/emotional support where a person is have a difficult experience.

The Mountain’s Medicine Folk…

Raine Ford (Black Panther, Mountain Woman Medicine)

She’s Mountain Woman livin and lovin the medicine of nature and all of its messages of wisdom. Working with intuition and using tools such as Wildcrafted Herbal Medicines, Holistic & Herbal Consulting, Intuitive /Emotional readings, Energy Healing & various Healing Body Work sessions and Inner Cartography Sessions (using Human Design & Gene Keys, astrology, inner mapping & Integration of Journey work).

She write articles on topic that deeply inspire her or where She feel a Call to Explain the deeper nuances of Life & Living. To sign up to receive her Mountain Woman Medicine Newsletters, Visit this page:

[Currently She handles most of the admin duties for Nemeton (and a few other organizations), along with being a communicatrix and organatrixing, Sje loves bringing people together and sorting out they can best align ourselves with The Missions that Calls.

She is currently looking for Assistants and Apprentices for various aspects of admin work, medicine making and land stewarding. Contact her at MountainWomanMedicine@gmail.com with any interest you may have in either working alongside, services you wish to receive or offerings you feel Called to give. ]

Find her on Mountain Woman Medicine (FB page), or visit her website MountainWomanMedicine.com or follow her on Instagram.

Brandon Thomas (Eagle Eyes, Psychic Sojourns)

Explorer & Guardian of the world around him with all its mysteries. Steward of Nemeton and lover of life. Tending the forest and the gardens, community visionary, medicine song writer, photographer of magical moments.

He perceives and listens to messages from the relationships He has formed with Spirit and then offer those messages to you. Offering a deeper clarity to your world and answers to your questions. He has experience in everything from relationships and money, self work, clearing spaces, earth energies, and solving murder and mystery cases.

You can find him on his FB page, Psychic Sojourns. Talk to Brandon. He has answers! Check out his Reviews and Book Your Reading!

Dan Sheridan (MountainMan Dan)

Dan De MountainMan, as we love to call him, loves making Sip, Soak & Soak Herbal blends, oils for aching bodies and herbal supplements to support healing systems. You may contact him in his FB page Mountain Man Herbs or at his website.

He’s inspired to create and teach Gas Digesters creation and maintenance. So that we may condone the The cycle between waste and resources. (Gas Digesters are simple systems that recycle food waste into fertilizer and fuel.)

A jack of many trades, he invests much time and energy collecting & gathering resources for various projects and networks between people and sustainable endeavors.

Healers Sanctuary Events:

  • Monthly Women’s Moon Lodge
  • Smashing Lodge. (Next one is TBD based on interest)
  • Various Herbal Medicine classes, year round.

Events you can find us at coming soon…!