May through October we have a variety of events hosted at Nemeton. These events are inline with the daily going-ons and Mission of The Mountain. If it’s your first time to The Mountain we invite you fill our Visitors Form and let us know if your interest and then join us for an event!

Weekend Intensive Retreats.

Herbal courses are the focus for this summer. Each one focuses on a different or deeper aspect of holistic medicine. Please visit Mountain Woman Medicine for details on these courses.

RealityFree Wednesday’s Meeting of The Minds. (Wednesday 5-9pm)

We invite you to take off your reality for a few hours and relax and revel in the harmonious space that The Mountain holds. Engage in deep conversation around topics such as: Spirit, Medicine, Permaculture, Daily Living Practices and Delving Deep for Your Gold. Each week is slightly different, as we move with the flow of The Mountain and it’s travelers that visits. Most often it’s at the FrogLounge with an occasional wood fired herbal hot soak, incense, soft music and the sounds of the mountain rolling through. Sometimes we are in the Rose Garden for singing and drumming, Other times we are at the WestWall Camp deep in the woods under a canopy of trees till the last log goes out.

Did I mention there is ALWAYS fire?!!! Fire connects us all!
Follow the RealityFree Facebook Page or Our RFW Meetup for weekly updates.

Thursday Mountain Medicine Making Sessions (12-8pm)

Each week we work with what the land has provided, harvesting and processing into medicines. Plant walks and identification, harvesting, processing, tincturing, oil infusions, salve making, wine making, syrups, elixirs, skin washes / liniments, poultices, fermentation’s, medicine baths, foot soaks, henna dying, dread care, scalp care, herbal Materia Medica (cross cultural), are just some of the topics that come up for discussion and physical doing. (Bring your own supplies and you can make medicines to take home with you. Come to event to learn more or email ahead of time.)
Bring your questions and curious minds. These sessions become more structured the more folks are regularly in attendance, and can blossom into fully structured 6 week courses, based on interest.
Class donation of $13 is suggested. This helps to support the supplies needed for the Holistic Free Clinic. (Though if finances are tight other arrangements can be made, simply inqire.)
Join us on the Facebook group to receive updates and keep in the loop. That is where the online discussion side of the physical medicine making class will happen.
~Come Walk With Me a Spell, There’s Medicines Beneath Your Feet.

Nemeton Community Garden (NCG)

We invite you to come work in the 50 x 120′ Community Garden, learning sustainable practices and permaculture principles on a 5 acre parcel of land that features gardens, fields, paths, forest and thickets and mountain streams, all on the sloping side of a mountain. We plant from seed the foods we eat, growing them with tender consistent care, all the way though preservation and into seed harvesting for future years. Orchards and mushroom gardens are our next project.
Come for a garden visit and decide for yourself if joining the Community Garden is right for you! Those that become members contribute hours weekly or monthly to the garden efforts in exchange for fresh food from the garden, learning and fellowship.

Free Holistic Clinic:

Inspired to provide and help to spread Inclusive Healthcare, Nemeton hosts a Free Holistic Clinic.
This time slot is open for clinical consultations.
Have an ailment or an issue you’d like to privately discuss?
Or perhaps you a practitioner that would like to offer your services to the local community for an evening?
Clinical consultations/sessions are made by appointment or first-come, first-serve till close. Email if you wish to setup an appointment or seek to offer your services.