Community Garden

The gardens at Nemeton host a variety of food, medicines. Come join the efforts of the community garden, for a day or weekly!

Welcome to Nemeton’s Community Garden. (NCG)

Nemeton has expanded its current garden to 50×120, because what better way to serve people and community, than to feed them! Nemeton wants you. We want your time, energy, skills, and donations to assist in manifesting this vision.

What does this vision look like? Imagine being able to feed a community. Imagine pickling and canning for winter months. Imagine an abundance of amazing organic food grown with love and care and classes on how to grow, harvest, and prepare it.

If you want to be an active part of this process we ask that you take this quick survey.

You can also “Like” the Nemeton Community Garden Facebook Page to stay aware of scheduled events, opportunities and how you can contribute and receive!

Blessings from The Mountain!